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Ways to Help the Elderly Sleep Soundly


A good night’s rest improves concentration and is essential to your wellness. Frequently waking up feeling tired is an indication of not getting enough sleep. And the lack of sleep may weaken your decision-making and long-term memory in the long run.

As a home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, we’ve listed below how can we help address sleeplessness and promote a good night’s sleep:

  • Keep the room cozy.

    Caregivers can clean the room and change linen long before bedtime. Set the right room temperature according to the senior’s liking. And use an oil diffuser with lavender or chamomile essential oils for added coziness. Keep the room dark and quiet.

  • Do not let seniors eat too much before bedtime.

    Some seniors cannot avoid hunger before sleeping time. You can let them eat, but give almonds or walnuts as bedtime snacks as they induce sleeping and reduce insomnia. Do not let them eat sweets, and give only a minimal amount of snacks, enough to satiate hunger.

  • Address medical issues.

    Seek a doctor’s help regarding medical issues interrupting the sleep of elders, like frequent urination and heartburn.

Enjoy the freedom of staying at home while receiving adult home care services. We at American Caregivers, Inc. can help you cope with lack of sleep and other dilemmas.

We can ensure your comfort at home through our personalized care for seniors and people on the autism spectrum. Should you require an autism service provider in Maryland, call us at 301-408-0100.

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