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Ways to Foster Good Sleeping Hygiene in Your Child with ASD

Ways to Foster Good Sleeping Hygiene in Your Child with ASD

Sleep difficulties are common, but for children in the spectrum, sleep issues account for as high as 80% of the cases. Sleep problems pose more than an inconvenience, they are also linked to the exhibition of more problematic behaviors such as aggression and inattentiveness, among others. Fortunately, interventions, especially when given early tend to be effective.

As your trusted autism service provider in Maryland, we at American Caregivers, Inc. are listing down some of the ways and habits you can use to make sure they sleep well.

  • Keep your child’s sleep environment dark, quiet, and cool as children on the spectrum are sensitive to noises and sensory issues.
  • Make sure that your child’s bedtime routine is kept short and predictable.
  • Ban the use of electronics such as using smartphones, computers, and TV, among others an hour before bedtime to avoid stimulating them.
  • Ensure that they have a fixed waking and sleeping schedule even during the weekends.
  • Teach your child the skills of falling asleep without you or other primary caregivers.
  • Make sure they don’t drink caffeinated food and drinks close to bedtime as these may make them more alert.
  • Encourage them to regularly exercise to promote deeper sleep but ensure they don’t do so too close to bedtime.

Is your busy schedule preventing you from practicing these habits with your child? Don’t hesitate to call on us! Our caregivers at our home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland will be more than happy to assist you.

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