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How to Promote Positive Behavior in Kids With ASD


Looking after children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be challenging but rewarding at the same time. Each day poses a new adventure for children in learning, along with challenges that parents and caregivers face when it comes to behavior. Hence, it is essential to develop strategies to increase the behaviors you want to see in your child.

As a leading home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, we will share strategies to promote positive behavior in children with autism:

  • Set Realistic Expectations

    Children benefit from rules and expectations, especially children with autism. Setting realistic expectations takes into account your child’s personality and needs. Setting realistic expectations will enable your child to have more consistency and structure to promote positive behaviors.

  • Reinforce Positive Behaviors

    Just like the importance of setting expectations, reinforcing positive behaviors is also essential. When your child follows through with a task or exhibits good behavior, positively reinforcing them will encourage them to exhibit positive behavior.

  • Teach Time Management

    Kids with autism often have a tough time managing their time and understanding how long it takes to complete an activity. To teach time management at home, use a visual clock timer or sand timer while performing certain tasks. This will make it easier for your child to understand how time and schedules work.

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