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Common Sleep Obstacles for People With Autism


If you have a loved one with autism, you are aware that they frequently wake up in the middle of the night or have difficulty falling asleep immediately. Poor sleep quality, according to Spectrum, can alter and intensify certain aspects of your physical health, such as repetitive behaviors. Insomnia is often a problem for autistic persons. They take 11 minutes longer to fall asleep than other people.

Some people are also predisposed to sleep apnea, a sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops during the night.

We sleep to rejuvenate our bodies, but for persons with autism, sleep may be less healing. They spend 15% of their sleep time in rapid eye movement cycles, essential for memory and learning maintenance. This research backs up the notion that a lack of sleep can impair a person’s social skills and lead to poor performance in school or work.

American Caregivers, Inc. provides disability care to enhance the overall well-being of persons on the autism spectrum.

As caregivers, we understand that most autistic people suffer from gastrointestinal issues, ADHD, anxiety, and hypersensitivity. Because of pain and sensitivity to the environment, these conditions can impair sleep quality.

Our adult home care services ensure that our clients have the best night. We alleviate their nighttime fears by providing personalized care tailored to their needs.

We keep children and adults with exceptional needs safe and comfortable by providing medical services. Our autism service provider in Maryland collaborates with clients to assist them in learning tasks and identifying adjustments that address social and behavioral concerns.

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