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What Are the Symptoms of High-Functioning Autism?

What Are the Symptoms of High-Functioning Autism?
People with high-functioning autism (HFA) does not exhibit intellectual disability. However, they are observed to exhibit deficits when it comes to emotional recognition and expression, communication, and social interaction.

If caregivers want to recognize whether or not a person has HFA, here are some of the easily recognizable signs to watch out for:

  • Emotional Sensitivity.

    Some emotions that are easily tolerable or overlooked by people without autism may be a different matter altogether for those with HFA. What seems to be trivial to others may be a matter that causes irritability and intense emotional reactions for individuals with HFA.

  • Resistance to Change.

    Individuals with high-functioning autism strongly dislike change. Any disruption to the routines or things that they are used to may cause intense outbursts. Sometimes, you may need to seek assistance from mental health professionals or care providers from a reputable home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland for intervention.

  • Social Difficulties.

    People who have difficulties interacting with their peers may be considered shy – on a normal level. However, those with high-functioning autism may have an even more limited social circle. They’re unable to complete group work and have problems with sharing.

  • Other Symptoms.

    Other symptoms of HFA include linguistic oddities, devotion to routines, inability to process physical sensations, and restrictive/repetitive habits.

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