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What Are the Early Signs of ASD?

What Are the Early Signs of ASD?

Did you know that many toddlers who are diagnosed with ASD or autism spectrum disorder show developmental differences as young as when they were babies? Whether it’s you or your children’s caregivers, it is essential to recognize the signs of autism. Here are some of the early signs to pay attention to according to their age:

  • At 12 Months
    Typically, children who are 12 months old are able to turn their heads when they hear someone calling their name. Children with ASD, on the other hand, may not turn to look but they may respond to other sounds.
  • At 18 Months
    Children at 18 months of age can make up for their lack of speaking skills through gesturing, pointing, or using facial expressions. Children with autism, on the other hand, may not even make any attempt to compensate.
  • At 24 Months
    Two-year-old children will normally want to share what they find joy from with the people they are close to, especially their mothers. Autistic children often don’t like playing together, even with close family members.
  • Diagnosing whether a child has autism can be done on children 18 months old and younger. However, for a more reliable diagnosis and so you can avail of the appropriate services from a trustworthy autism service provider in Maryland, it is better to get a diagnosis at age two.

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