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Telltale Signs of Caregiver Stress

Telltale Signs of Caregiver Stress

As a trusted home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, we at American Caregivers, Inc. understand that caring for a child with autism or an aged or disabled loved one is a challenging job. Although caring for others brings joy and fulfillment, there’s no denying the stress that goes with it. Hence, it’s important to identify symptoms of caregiver stress to prevent burnout. Here are the telltale signs to look out for:

  • Withdrawal from social activities
    Preoccupation with the responsibilities of being a primary caregiver can remove an individual from activities they enjoy and the people they love. However, withdrawal from social activities is known to cause depression and exhaustion. As a result, respite care is recommended to primary caregivers to help alleviate stress and pressure.
  • Anxiety about what the future brings
    Caring for a child with autism or a sick or disabled family member brings to mind anxious thoughts of what the future brings. While it’s only natural to think about the future, especially when a loved one’s health is declining, it can cause additional stress and feelings of hopelessness, too.
  • Fatigue and irritability
    Fatigue caused by irregular sleeping patterns and stress can be overwhelming. Exhaustion can make daily tasks and responsibilities nearly impossible to accomplish. This can cause irritability, agitation, and negative responses or actions too.

When caring for a loved one becomes too much to handle, it may be time to contact a reputable provider for respite care or other services; this will help alleviate caregiver stress while providing quality home care for the individual in need.

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