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Safety Tips When Helping a Person on a Wheelchair

Are you taking care of a loved one who is wheelchair-dependent? Aside from ensuring the welfare of the person you’re caring for, you also need to determine the safety and reliability of their wheelchair. This will not be very complex to manage when you have help from dependable Caregivers.

To further encourage you, here are safety tips to keep in mind especially when you’re the one assisting them.

  • Look for the Center of Gravity

    This is simply the main center of the person you’re assisting. When they are at the center of the force you’re exerting, they can safely stay put on their chair while moving.

  • Know the Proper Way to Bend

    Your loved one on a wheelchair may also want to do things on their own, such as reaching for items they want to use. Remind them to be careful about bending their bodies when reaching for such items. When necessary, offer your assistance instead.

  • Ensure Wheelchair Maintenance

    As a home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, we also encourage you to ensure that your loved one’s wheelchair has proper maintenance. Since they will be using this most of the time, this mobility device always needs to be in good condition.

  • Always Check the Brakes Before Using

    Along with the maintenance issues, you also need to check if the brakes are working. When the wheelchairs are used regularly, checking the brakes can be overlooked that easy. To avoid this, make it a habit to check on the brakes each time you move out.

  • Monitor the Path You’re Going

    When you’re the one pushing your loved one’s wheelchair, always look out for the path you’re navigating. Because people on wheelchairs may need Intensive individual support, you have to ensure that they are safe when in transit. Always check that the path you’re going through doesn’t have obstacles that can cause unwanted stumbles.

  • Familiarize the Destination

    Similar to the previous point, you can monitor the path you’re going when you’re familiar with your destination. So before you’re headed to this place, it is ideal to have an overview of where you’re going by looking at a map or planning your path to the destination first.

  • Get Assistance for Longer Trips

    If you’re also going to travel a longer distance, such as outside the state or country, ensure that your loved one in a wheelchair will have the proper assistance. From their transportation to their daily activities, make early arrangements as much as possible. If you need some backup, we can provide you with Respite care too.

At American Caregivers, Inc., we are committed to providing you the quality care that your loved one deserves. No matter what their home care needs are, we can arrange the kind of service best suited for their condition. As an Autism Service Provider in Maryland, we can also assist you in caring for a loved one with autism.

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