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Intensive Individual Support Services: An Overview

Intensive Individual Support Services: An Overview

Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS) involve intensive one-on-one interventions that we at American Caregivers, Inc. provide in your home. We also provide IISS to children within the community who require a more restrictive residential placement.

What is IISS exactly?

The way intensive individual support services work is by utilizing the principles of behavior management. This is most evident in structured support systems, reinforcement, and various modeling techniques. IISS uses an intervention approach based on an established treatment plan and is provided by a trained technician in coordination with a child’s parents and caregivers.

What are the goals of IISS?

One-on-one intervention is focused primarily on:

What can IISS do for my child?

This type of autism spectrum service can benefit your child in many ways. It not only promotes important life skills and offers opportunities for growth, but it also provides your child with a real sense of safety and support. As a home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland that offers IISS, we can help improve your child’s skills and guide them in achieving independence as they grow.

Are there other autism spectrum services my child can benefit from?

In addition to IISS, we as a leading autism service provider in Maryland also provide other autism spectrum services. This includes therapeutic integration, respite care, and family consultations. If you’re interested in our services, feel free to contact us today.

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