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Handling Stress in School for Children With Autism

Handling Stress in School for Children With Autism

As an autism service provider in Maryland, we know that school can be stressful for children on the autism spectrum. They are bombarded with language and sensory demands as they interact with friendship groups and other kids in the playground. Then they need to sit still in a chair during classes. It might be too much. lists these tips for caregivers to handling stress in school for children with autism:

  • Have open communication and trust
    As a parent, be open about your child’s needs and establish a connection with their teachers so you keep updated if ever they have issues in school.
  • Be on the lookout for subtle signs
    Children on the spectrum often find social interaction uncomfortable and may display this discomfort through signs. Some signs include rocking on a chair, chewing fingers, wanting lots of toilet breaks, and others.
  • Work out ways to release the build-up of pressure
    Give the child easy ways to release stress such as fiddle toys when seated, task sheets breaking down the activity, a chill-out area like a cushion under a desk, etc.

Caring for children with autism is no simple task and it can get overwhelming. Consider hiring professional help of American Caregivers, Inc. if it gets too much. You can unlock your child’s maximum potential to live and work independently in the future through our autism spectrum services at our home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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