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Benefits of Therapeutic Integration for Autistic Kids

Benefits of Therapeutic Integration for Autistic Kids

American Caregivers, Inc. is a world-class autism service provider in Maryland offering Therapeutic Integration (TI) services. TI is an after-school program specially designed to help children with autism through engaging, therapeutic recreational activities. To learn more about it, here are key areas that benefit from therapeutic integration programs:

  • Communication skills.
    Children with autism tend to have difficulty interacting with other kids for various reasons. Through our TI program, they will have many opportunities for social interaction with other children and their caregivers. This provides social opportunities to interact with other people regularly which helps enhance their communication skills in a natural environment.
  • Behavior management.
    Behavior management is one of the biggest challenges for families with autistic children. Through our TI program, however, parents can understand its causes and learn how to manage these behaviors. Studies show that TI programs focusing on behavior management can help correct inappropriate behavior in autistic children when provided at an early age.
  • Motor skills.
    Engaging in sports or activities like swimming can help enhance motor skills in children diagnosed with autism. It greatly enhances their strength, endurance, and coordination. This promotes an active lifestyle and also helps them overcome barriers like limited motor function.

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