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Autism and Problematic Mealtime Behaviors

Autism and Problematic Mealtime Behaviors

Children may experience picky eating. But for children on the autism spectrum, mealtime behaviors may be worse. Autism carries along with its complexities when it comes to food and feeding. But there is an effective way of dealing with this. One solution is to engage the services of helpful caregivers who can assist you in feeding your child. They are specially trained to deal with children with autism.

We, an autism service provider in Maryland, can help you with these common negative mealtime behaviors. It is important to note that a child on the autism spectrum may have a gastrointestinal disorder that is contributing to his or her eating issues. Of course, a pediatric gastroenterologist can medically advise you as a parent on what to do. But the tricky part is that autistic children may have a hard time localizing or verbalizing their pain.

A study shows that kids on the autism spectrum often express a strong preference for foods that feel a certain way while in their mouths. Some children may prefer soft or creamy foods such as yogurt, soup, and ice cream, while others may need the stimulation that crunchy foods provide. Either way, it is equally important to tackle these issues as early as possible. When your child begins a temper tantrum while eating, experts suggest the technique of “planned ignoring”, which involves purposefully ignoring your child’s behavior as long as it’s safe. It is also important to praise your child for every aspect of progress.

So, whether you are dealing with problems during meal times or any other behavioral issues, give us a call at American Caregivers, Inc., a home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, and we will be happy to help!

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