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Understanding Autism Care


If you ask any parent of a child with special needs if taking care of their kid is a walk in the park, odds are they will tell you that it is hard. People with Autism Spectrum disorders may not look like there is anything different with them, but they learn, interact, and communicate with others differently. Some autistic people may be extremely “gifted” in how they learn certain skills while severely challenged in other fields. Many of those who suffer from autism spectrum disorder need extra help in their daily lives, often requiring specially-trained caregivers to aid them.

American Caregivers, Inc. is a home care agency in Silver Springs, Maryland that specializes in providing care to individuals with autism spectrum disorder, may they be children or adults. We also provide care for people with other developmental disorders. Our dedication to quality can be seen through our services and in the staff that we hire, all of them being highly qualified and adequately trained professionals, and through our services, which we deliver with kindness and dignity.

We believe that everyone deserves the kind of care that loved ones can give, so we try our best to match that level of comfort with our programs. If you have a child or family member on the autism spectrum or need adult home care services, do not hesitate to contact our company.

We are a dependable autism service provider in Maryland, and we hope to make a positive contribution to your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

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