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Tips on Developing Your Child’s Social Skills

Tips on Developing Your Child's Social Skills

Is there hope for your child diagnosed with autism to develop his or her much-needed social skills? After all, one of the hallmarks of autism is their challenges with developing social skills, that is, they find it difficult to act in different types of social situations.

As your trusted autism service provider in Maryland, we at American Caregivers, Inc. say that yes, there is hope so long as these skills are consistently learned and built.

Start by building a social map that itemizes how the development of their social skills should be like, including:

  • Practicing of direct or explicit instructions
  • Building of teachable moments with real-life settings practice
  • Enhancing communication and integrating sensory
  • Learning and developing cognitive and language skills
  • Learning of behaviors that predict important social outcomes
  • It is expected that with these many skills to practice and the different places/settings they have to be in a day, being consistent with teaching will be difficult. Our home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland can help in this area.

Enlisting our service means having access to our service providers ranging from psychologists, speech-language pathologists, special aide educators and technicians, registered nurses, caregivers, and medication aides.

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