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The Most Common Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders


  • Autistic disorder
    Patients experiencing autism disorder usually have language delays, social and communication challenges, intellectual disabilities, and unusual behavior and interests. Most of them also tend to repeat specific behaviors in their daily activities starting during early childhood and typically lasts throughout their lifetime. Caregivers assist children who develop the symptoms of autistic disorder in the early stages of their childhood or adulthood.
  • Asperger Syndrome
    Asperger syndrome is on the milder end of the autistic spectrum. Its symptoms include difficulty with social interaction, engaging in repetitive behavior, standing firm on what they think, and focusing on rules and routines. They typically do not have problems with language or intellectual disability but they may also experience social challenges and unusual behavior.
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified
    For most children who have autism not as severe as an autistic disorder but more than Asperger’s syndrome, then they probably have this specific type of disorder. This is sometimes called “atypical autism” and has fewer and milder symptoms, including social and communication challenges. If your children need are experiencing this particular disorder and need assistance, contact an autism service provider in Maryland to seek professional guidance.

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