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Managing Arthritis Through Exercise: 6 Helpful Tips

Managing Arthritis Through Exercise: 6 Helpful Tips
Arthritis in seniors can be very debilitating in their daily life, so much so that their quality life can be affected if they suffer from it. When they are kept from moving about because of arthritis, they may miss out on a lot of things. They may not enjoy going out with their friends anymore because of joint pains, and this can affect their social circle. As a result, their mental and overall well-being may also decline.

As a home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, we encourage you to see your Doctor, Physical or Occupational Therapist and ask for advice about appropriate exercise routines you can follow.

We also listed down some tips that might be helpful as you work your way towards getting fit:
  1. Treat Pains First
    This is a very important step because you cannot exercise when you’re feeling pain. Ask your doctor for medication interventions. As your arthritis symptoms are reduced, you can also have more time to exercise. If you also need help in managing your medications, you can seek the assistance of our experienced Caregivers.
  2. Focus on Low-impact Routines
    Thankfully, there are a lot of exercise routines to choose from. The low-impact activities are ideal for those who have joint pains. These routines include water aerobics, swimming, and stationary cycling. These activities, while they strengthen your cardiovascular health, are not strenuous for your joints.
  3. Be Flexible with Routines
    Avoid sticking to the same routine for the rest of your life. Integrate flexibility in the exercise activities that you engage in. This way, you will not get bored and can still maintain motivation with an active lifestyle. If you also want to explore other exercise activities in group settings, ask us about Community Options that will be ideal for you.
  4. Transition Properly
    In every exercise activity, it is very important to transition before and after the exercise. You need to have warm-up and cool-down activities. These transition steps prevent your muscles from getting “shocked” at the strain, and therefore, able to sustain a longer duration of exercising. When you need some company as you do these activities, let us provide you with Intensive individual support or companionship.
  5. Strengthen the Weakness
    As you exercise, work on the areas of your body and joints that need to be strengthened. When your muscles in the weak areas are gaining strength, these are able to reduce the impact of pain. Consequently, your pain symptoms also lessen.
  6. Eat Healthily
    Definitely, the food you eat is going to be a very ideal supplement in your active lifestyle. We recognize that healthy meals are going to enable the person to carry on with their other activities that can be improving to their health. So by all means, serve them with healthy meals.
Do you have other concerns about caring for a senior loved one at home? At American Caregivers, Inc., you have a team of trusted care providers who will help you out. Set an appointment today to learn more about our services.
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