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Interacting with Someone with Autism

Interacting with Someone with Autism

Developmental disorders are conditions caused by impairment in learning, language, physical, or behavior areas. One of the most common developmental disorders is Autism Spectrum Disorder which is a complex developmental disorder that involves challenges in social interaction, repetitive behaviors, verbal and nonverbal communication. People with this condition will experience difficulties in relating to other people such as peers, caregivers, or even family members.

Most children with ASD begin to show symptoms at a very early age and these continue during childhood and adulthood. If you are a parent of a child with this condition, it can be painful seeing your child just can’t connect with you or with their peers.

As an autism service provider in Maryland, we can help you break through the barriers to children with ASD. There may be no cure for autism spectrum disorder at the moment but they can still learn to communicate and interact over time. Here are some ways that can help family members communicate with their child with ASD:

  • Interact physically
    Playing with them may be a better way of spending time with them.
  • Show respect and affection
    Show them your love by hugging them but if they don’t want to be touched, respect their space and try to understand.
  • Be patient
    Sometimes you need to slow down your conversation for them to understand you.
  • Always stay positive
    Make sure to reward your child’s good behavior often because they respond best to positive reinforcement.

American Caregivers, Inc. is a home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland and we care about you and your child’s relationship. We also want your child to establish deeper connections with their peers and help them develop friendships.

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