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Healthy Activities for Seniors to Keep Busy

Healthy Activities for Seniors to Keep Busy

Our caregivers are aware that boredom and loneliness are top contributors to depression in older adults. It is important to keep busy to maintain their mental, physical, and social health as we age. Here are some activities suggested by

  • Mental health activities
    Keep sharp and focused through activities such as reading and writing. You can also play card games, board games, and puzzles for a bit of a challenge. Learning a new skill such as painting and drawing can also be engaging.
  • Physical health activities
    Keep your body moving by taking a stroll around the neighborhood or taking a drive to explore new scenery. Engage in low impact activities such as golf, swimming, biking or dancing with friends. Having some light exercise or gardening can also help and be rewarding at the same time.
  • Social health activities
    Interacting with people goes a long way for your mental, emotional and physical health. Keep a social life by going out with friends to movies, concerts, or other events. You can also have a sense of belonging by being a part of community events.

Is living at home becoming difficult for you? This may be even truer if you live by yourself. You may need to consider enlisting a home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, such as American Caregivers, Inc. We can take care of housekeeping, and making your home safe for you so you can focus on the important things such as being with your friends and family.

You can expect compassionate and caring professionals to take care of your loved ones. We offer a complete range of health care services for children and adults. Other than our home care agency, we are also an autism service provider in Maryland.

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