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Fun Activities You and Your Child Can Enjoy

Fun Activities You and Your Child Can Enjoy

Creating good memories with your child ensures they have great things to remember in the future. American Caregivers, Inc. believes that quality care comes not just from the Caregivers but also the family.

As your preferred Autism Service Provider in Maryland, we have seen stories of how families and their children with autism cope up. Although there are certain limitations, enjoying fun activities with an autistic child is very much possible.

One of the many activities the family can do with the loved one is through arts and crafts. They have the opportunity to discover shapes, color, and sensory experiences that fosters creativity.

  • Flower Basket from Shredded Paper
    Get creative and turn shredded paper into something beautiful. Use colorful papers for better visuals. This activity can bring a good sensory experience for your child.
  • Ice Painting
    Colors excite a child’s eye. Add more fun to the activity by introducing concepts of state changes, from the liquid paint to solid ice and back into liquid form as it melts. They can practice recognizing colors and observing how melting paint transforms over the paper.
  • Matching Halves Game
    Puzzles can stimulate your child’s craving for order and simplicity. This basic concept of matching sticks that fit each other’s missing half introduces the child to concepts of visual assessment. They can also practice their fine motor skills.

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