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Enjoy the Freedom and Choice to Live at Home

Enjoy the Freedom and Choice to Live at Home

More and more elderly individuals are choosing to live at home as they age. Why? The simple answer is that it is HOME.

No other place in the world can be as familiar as the place we call home. No matter where we go or however far we may end up in our travels, the final point of our itinerary will always be our own home where we don’t have to knock on the door before stepping in. We sleep in our own beds and spend time doing the things that we love to do together with the people who are dear to us.

So, imagine the frustration when we are forced to move out as we grow older. Thankfully, our home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland can help prevent this by offering your elderly loved ones the freedom and choice to age in place.

Here’s what they can expect from home care provided by a caregiver:

  • Comfort
    It’s a wonderful convenience for senior care needs to be met at home. This is a comfortable option that many families are benefiting from. Consequently, less time and money are spent on traveling from home to a care facility, and vice versa. With home care provided for seniors who live at home, there is better organization when it comes to personal care, meal preparation, and daily activities.
  • Health and Safety
    With the help of our caregivers, you can keep your elderly loved ones safe and healthy at home. We bring in services as needed, including companion care and personal care. We also provide respite care so that family caregivers can take a break from senior care duties.
  • Closeness to Family and Friends
    There is no need for a long drive to visit your elderly parents if they live with you at home. Having loved ones who live under the same roof or nearby exponentially improves a senior’s quality of life.

At American Caregivers, Inc., we support your choice to live at home as you age. We are also an Autism Service Provider in Maryland offering Therapeutic Integration and Community Options for families. We know you may have questions about the available care choices for your family, so feel free to call us and inquire!

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