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 Delayed Diagnosis of Autism  

Delayed Diagnosis of Autism

Early detection of any condition is always better. For children who are found to be on the autism spectrum, early social skills training can have a big positive impact on his or her later development. But misdiagnosis is not uncommon among children who later turned out to be under the spectrum. Frequently, they may be diagnosed with ADHD or sensory processing issues. And eventually, when the child starts schooling, academic demands and social situations would inevitably point out to another diagnosis – autism.
The initial evaluations and assessments are not necessarily mistaken as research shows that 30 to 40 percent of children with an autism spectrum disorder also have ADHD and issues with sensory processing. Sometimes, these are even considered as symptoms of the disorder. However, parents should always consider in-depth evaluation as age increases. Because children might be receiving improper or incomplete treatment for the real condition that they are having. Once diagnosed, parents may also consider therapy and services rendered by professional caregivers.
Many professionals in the State of Maryland cater to children on the autism spectrum. These include but may not be limited Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Aide Educators, Nurses, and Board Certified Behavioral Analysts. These professionals can help you, as a parent, in rearing your child in the best way possible.
So, whether your child was diagnosed early or late, therapies, such as that provided by American Caregivers, Inc. can always be the helping hand that you might need. Give us a call today!

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