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Communication Tips: Conversing with Your Autistic Child

Communication Tips: Conversing with Your Autistic Child

If your child has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you might have difficulty initiating conversations. To help, American Caregivers, Inc., an autism service provider in Maryland, will share effective communication tips:

  • Open up a conversation with a topic they’re interested in.
    The best way to gain their interest is by leading with a topic that they like. Finding the right topic and sticking to it increases their engagement and will hold their attention longer. If you’re planning on acquiring respite care, inform your child’s caregivers of topics they enjoy.
  • Choose the right moments.
    Some children with ASD have particular rhythms to their behavior and if you interrupt while they’re presently engaged in a different activity, you’re not likely to get through to them. Remember, excessive stimuli may be too much for your child, so always pick your moments when it comes to conversation.
  • Pay attention to non-verbal cues.
    As a result of difficulty with understanding language, children with ASD tend to develop non-verbal cues that signal their emotions. So, the next time you speak with your child, try being more observant to interpret how they feel. Doing so helps enhance understanding between the two of you and allows you to get to know them better too.
  • Consider writing as an alternative.
    Once you’re able to discuss a certain topic, try restating the main points on paper. Jot down specific words and include images to help retain the information. Autistic kids tend to think visually, so having a visual aid they can return to will help.

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