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Common Non-Verbal Ways to Communicate with an Autistic Child

Common Non-Verbal Ways to Communicate with an Autistic Child

Children with autism have linguistic difficulties. They are often unable to follow through with a conversation, regardless if it is with their family members or their caregivers.

However, just because a child can’t speak out words or say complete sentences doesn’t mean they are unable to communicate. If you learn some non-verbal ways to communicate with the child, then you’d be able to understand what the child wants to convey.

  • Look For Non-Verbal Cues

    For this, the first thing you have to do is look for non-verbal cues. What sounds are they making? What facial expressions do they have? A child’s gestures can often tell you whether they’re hungry or tired.

  • Learn Why They Are Throwing a Tantrum

    Children don’t throw a tantrum just because they want to. There are motivations behind them losing their temper. Find that out. You may need assistance from a professional caregiver from a home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland to understand your child’s behavior.

  • Schedule Playtime

    Just like any other child, a child with autism will feel better when they have fun. Of course, your participation is essential since this can also improve the bond you have with your little one.

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