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Check for These Comorbidities in Your Child’s ASD

Check for These Comorbidities in Your Child’s ASD

As your trusted autism service provider in Maryland, we would like to inform you of the many medical and psychiatric conditions that accompany your child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These conditions are called ‘comorbidities’ or ‘comorbid’ conditions.

These conditions must be screened as early as possible because these can severely impact your child’s quality of life as well as the outcomes of their therapies and treatments as confirmed comorbidity means the condition must be addressed whether through new caregivers or new care management strategies.

  • Anxiety.

    40-60% of children with ASD also suffer from anxiety.

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    Because ASD and ADHD manifest similar characteristics such as interrupting when someone is speaking or sitting still, it can be difficult to determine which is which, but the possibility of comorbidity is high.

  • Depression.

    Depression is more common among children with ASD who suffer social anxiety and who have more severe characteristics of ASD.

  • Seizures.

    Almost 20-30% of people with ASD experience seizures and they happen mostly among children under five years old.

  • Motor difficulties such as balance problems or mobility limitations
    It is estimated that 80% of children with ASD have these difficulties and they occur fairly early such that researchers are looking at these motor issues as an early sign of ASD.

Whatever the results of the screenings are, we at American Caregivers, Inc., the leading home care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland is here to offer you unparalleled assistance. Call us!

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