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Caring for Children with Autism: Communication

Caring for Children with Autism: Communication
If you know a child who has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), you also know that communication is one of the challenges that they face every day. As an autism provider, we know how communication difficulties can both affect the child and their primary caregiver. Yet, these conversations are essential to help the child build social skills.

In other words, even people with ASD can still experience quality socialization with the right assistance. How are you going to help them out? Just like any form of communication, it is initiating the conversation that poses more difficulty. Once you’ve crossed over that obstacle, there is a higher chance for quality communication to take place. This principle is true even for children with ASD. So, as an Autism Service Provider in Maryland, we would like to share some tips on how to initiate a conversation with children with ASD.

  • Choose an Interesting Topic
    Even children with ASD have some interests. It can be a stuffed toy they always hold close, a favorite Marvel hero, or a children’s show character. Choose topics that make use of these favorite items. When you have captured their interest in using these points, you have better chances of engaging them in a conversation. If you need further help in this matter, we can help you as caregivers and we are also Autism Waiver Providers.
  • Use Props or Visual Aids
    For children with ASD, verbal communication can be difficult to manage. Yet, you can initiate a good conversation when you also use props for visual aids. These visual props are your conversation starters. The visual aid can be a picture of the way you want your conversation to go, which includes the topics you want to cover.
  • Do a Role Play
    Another ideal way to help a child with ASD to begin communicating is through role-playing. You can act as their favorite hero or story character, someone whom they find interesting. When you talk to them, ask questions that have open-ended answers. To motivate them in interacting with you, remember to stick to the topic that they are interested in.
  • Remember to Praise
    As caregivers for individuals with special and elderly needs, we know how praising a person can motivate him or her to interact. Even children with ASD can also get a boost from your praise. This is called positive reinforcement. When you praise them, you are letting them know that they are in a safe and fun environment.
These are just some tips to initiate a good conversation with a child who has ASD. Yet, if you have other concerns about caring for loved ones with ASD, we are a State of Maryland Medicaid programs provider and we can help you. Set an appointment with us at American Caregivers, Inc. so we can get started.

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