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Brain-Enhancing Activities for Homebound Seniors


Memory issues happen anytime in life but are more pronounced in the senior years. As part of aging, brain cells slowly decline in their healthy functioning, and the neurons are not as active in communication as they used to. It’s important that our senior loved ones engage in brain-enhancing activities to revive their memory skills.

Our Residential Service Agency in Silver Spring, Maryland advocates for quality aging years and we believe that your senior loved one deserves it. We encourage seniors to do the following activities that can help enhance their memory:

  • Singing (especially their favorite song)
    Music enables their brain to recall the lyrics and melody of the song so that they can practice their memory. They can also explore learning a new musical instrument as this can help practice their cognitive skills.
  • Foreign Language Learning
    It’s not too late to try learning a foreign language. Not only will it prepare you for international trips, but you can also harness your memory skills. Now you can enjoy some exciting overseas trips in your retirement years.
  • Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle
    It’s an exciting activity that can also enhance a senior person’s memory skills. Remembering where to put a particular puzzle piece is indeed a memory-building activity. Playing jigsaw puzzles also develop a senior person’s eye-and-hand coordination. If you need Intensive individual support with these activities, our team is ready to help.
  • Do Mental Computation
    You may not be a Math genius but you can always do simple computations every day. Whenever you need to compute something, such as how much do you have left from the grocery store, practice computing mentally to improve your memory.

When it comes to improving your senior loved one’s brain health, we can also refer you to State Medicaid programs that can be essential in enhancing their memory. We also have a team who can keep them company in doing these activities.

If you’re looking for additional support for a loved one at home, we provide Health care services in Maryland at American Caregivers, Inc. Inquire with us today.

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